​​​​​​​​​​​ Robert Capowski is an artist, guitarist, singer and songwriter. A native of the Hudson Valley, Capowski lives in Arbor Hill in Albany, NY.  After performing and writing for many years in  New York, Capowski recorded and released his first album, the introspective Drinking the Sea, in 2013, a collection of his songs that included music composed during his NYC years as  well as several newer songs.   Musicians on the record include drummer Kevin Teare, bassist Sara Lee, vocalist Cynthia Phillips and keyboardist Lorraine Nelson Wolf.  

 Robert recorded his second album, Wild Animals, released in June 2015, in Annandale, New York.  The loosely conceptual album tracks the trajectory of a love affair through 10 songs  of dreamy jangle-rock and twangified pop. Musically, the disc was inspired by Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend record and the pre-Fleetwood Mac Buckingham/Nicks record.  An impressive  cast of players feature on the recording of Wild Animals. In addition to Capowski, guitarist Jimmy Eppard plays on the album, as does bassist Sara Lee, drummer Joe Magistro,  keyboardist Pete Levin and vocalist Simi Stone.   The record was produced by John Ashton.

 Capowski is recording a third album, scheduled for release in April 2017.